Funeral Catering

Locally Sourced Ingredients

A funeral isn't easy, but the catering can be. With our caring and considerate approach, we proudly deliver the top catering services to you.

From a very young age, Simon Wallace knew his true passion in life was cooking. The pursuit of his dream has taken him all over the world, and now he's been able to bring back his expertise to his beloved community on the Sunshine Coast.

With locally sourced ingredients, the dishes at Good 2 Eat catering are filled with the unique flavours of Australia's fresh agriculture. With ingredients sourced everywhere from the Hinterlands to Kenilworth, these catered dishes are awe-inspiring.

Should you have any dietary requirements, rest assured knowing our food catering is flexible for different dietary needs. Whether you're vegan or a full-blown carnivore, get in contact with our chef's and we'll see what we can arrange.


Sunshine Coast Funeral Catering 

Having a catering food truck means we can come to you, no matter the location in the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. Nothing makes us happier than seeing guests left in awe with our uniquely flavoursome dishes. With years of experience countless times dealing with the unexpected, rest assured knowing our dedicated chefs have the expertise for the funeral catering you require, no matter the circumstances. 

Need to find out more information? Don't hesitate to get in contact with our team. As mentioned, if you have any dietary requirements our chefs will be more than happy to keep an open ear and work towards making sure you are fully satisfied with our services. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Simon Wallace

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