Canape Style 

 For a Substantial delicious Small Meal  

we pride ourselves on the quality of each & every one of our ingredients

Look for the thumbs up symbol for chef Simons Favorites

ForknTalk Selection 

 For Sit Down Meal Options 

Feast Dishes Are Brought To Your Table And Placed In A Central Location For Friends And Family To Share 

The Buffet Is Served At A Table For Guests To Collect 

Buffet & Feast Menu 



Milly Hill Lamb Shoulder Slow Cooked With Oregano, Lemon & Mint Chermoula (GF) 

Calamari With Asian Slaw & Zesty Lime Dressing (GF)

Crispy Duck Maryland Twice Cooked, Cherry Tomato Basil Salsa & Lemon Labneh (GF) 

Chimichurri Chicken Breast Roasted Capsicum & Broccolini(GF) 

Wild Caught Tasmanian Salmon Radish Salad & Coriander Remoulade (GF)

QLD Snapper Orange & Pickled Pumpkin (GF)

Bangalow Citrus Pork Belly Apple & Pickled Ginger Jam (GF)

Mooloolaba Prawns Kimchee Salad & Cashew Satay (GF)

QLD Braised Beef Cheek Coconut Cream With Pickled Pear & Sweet Potato Mash (GF)

Vegan and Vegetarian

Orecchiette Pasta Charred Corn, Spinach With Kimchi Coconut Cream Sauce (Vegan)

Roasted Cauliflower With Sweet Potato Remoulade & Avocado Salsa (GF)(Vegan)


Sesame Roasted Pumpkin Parsley Quinoa(GF) (Veg)

Garden Picked Herbed Coleslaw Dressed In Hot & Tangy Aioli (Gf) (Veg)

Thick Noodles Local Herbs Dressed With A Pho Reduction (Vegan)

Hasselback Potatoes With Garlic & Sourdough Crumbs (Vegan)

Labneh, Pickled Pumpkin Borlotti Bean & Parsley Salad (Gf)(Veg)

Rocket Tossed With Lemon Dressing, Cucumber, Cherry Tomato's & Pepitas (Gf)(Veg)

Mash Potato From Baked Potato Then Squashed With Love And Butter (Gf)(Veg)

Sweet Potato And Beetroot Galette (Gf)(V) (Can Be Vegan)

Blackbean Roasted Pumpkin Chimichurri Salad (Gf)(Vegan)

Sautéed Greens With Hot Sour Dressing (Gf)(Vegan)

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