Canape Style 

ForknTalk Selection 

Baguettes & Grazing

Delicious Selection for Wakes, Corporate Gatherings & Birthdays

Drop Off or Pick Up

Baguettes, Wraps,

GF Nori Sheets

Hot Smoked Salmon

With Spinach & Tangy Mayo

 Ham Of The Bone

With Seeded Mustard & Aged Cheddar

BBQ Tempeh

With Coconut Yoghurt & Fire Roasted Capsicum 

Palmwood Mushroom

With Chimichurri & Lettuce

Pulled Chicken

With Paprika, Cumin Seeds & Salad 

Grazing Board & Boxes 

French brie
Kenilworth vintage cheddar gorgonzola

Chefs house dip

Selection of quality sliced meat Korean pork rillette

Cashews whole peanuts

Breadsticks dark rye crackers

Honeycomb local Watermelon Seasonal berries

Pickle mushrooms Semi-dry tomato Marinated olives