Canape Style 

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Canape Selection 

Sticky Lamb Ribs

 Peanut and Herb Salad (GF)

Chicken Skewer

Infused In Yuzu & Mint (GF)

DFC Daddy's Fried Chicken

Marinated In Buttermilk Dusted With His Secret Herb & Spice Blend (GF)

Pork Gyoza

Homemade Filled With Pork Pickled Ginger & Shityaki Mushroom 


Beef & Goat Cheese Parcels

Pulled Cuban Beef, Goat Cheese Encased In Light Pastry

Avocado Bruschetta

Smashed Avocado On Roasted Sweet Potato (GF)(Vegan)

Goats Cheese Tartlet 

Pickled Beetroot (Veg)

Mushroom Arancini

 Thyme & Pecorino Cheese Rolled In Polenta (GF)(V)

Cauliflower Croquette

 Tajin Mexican spice (GF)(Vegan)

Carrot Pakora

Siracha Coconut Yoghurt

Fried Cheesy Sticks

Wood Fired Capsicum Spread 



Fresh Shucked Oysters

Sake Ponzu Pickled Ginger Or Natural (GF) 

Lime Cured Salmon

Sesame Oil with Mint, Chili & Cucumber In A Black Waffle Cone

Vietnamese Prawn Salad 

Pickled Paw Paw, Herbs, Crisp Shallot On A Prawn Crisp (GF)

BBQ Aussie Lamb Cutlets

Orange Pickled Ginger Dressing (GF)

QLD Tempura Prawn Skewers


Harvey Bay Scallop

Seared On Top Of Orange & Soy Braised Pork (GF)

Vegan and Vegetarian Options 
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